The statistic Practical Recovery would most like to publicize is how many of our clients return here after a relapse. When some treatment centers are publicizing “cure rates,” publicizing “return rates” would not appear to be good marketing!

As with so many facets of recovery, there is an abundance of „advice“ on relationships. The recovery „wisdom“ on relationships has some worthwhile points to consider, but is often fraught with arbitrary absolutes and unfounded, unrealistic mandates. Thus far, there has been no empirical data linking horticultural adeptness to interpersonal effectiveness. So if you buy a plant and it doesn’t go so well, fret not, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in building meaningful and lasting relationships. The Relationship Between Sadness and Addiction by Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. This week sadness is the topic that continues our in-depth exploration of each core emotion. Many of the most painful emotions (e.g. grief, bereavement, mourning) and debilitating disorders (e.g. major depression) are rooted in sadness. Humans often put forth valiant efforts to avoid and ward off sadness and its related emotions.

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The Sobriety Collective features Recovery Profiles, Sober Stock, and a number of entertaining and interesting articles written by Laura on all subjects grounded in her personal recovery and her mental health. Her Link Love section contains some of the best resources in finding other sober writers, non-profits, activists, and other mental health and recovery websites. Nancy Carr is the writer of Last Call, a raw and honest memoir about her alcoholism and cocaine addiction. Her blog is dedicated to bringing awareness about alcoholism, addiction, and recovery. She decided to start blogging when she discovered the amazing online recovery community that included a variety of recovery resources.

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For women wanting more help quitting drinking, Kate offers a 6-week online coaching program that teaches a step-by-step formula to change your relationship with alcohol for good. By Devon Berkheiser, Psy.D. While addictive substances and behaviors can be satisfying in the short term, they typically prevent us from engaging in activities that provide a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment. When you overcome an addiction, you will notice an increased enjoyment in daily activities and a greater overall sense of satisfaction with life . Higher satisfactions come not from a quick fix, but from enduring relationships with others as well as productive activity.

alcoholism recovery blog

A recent review of the workbook, however, serves as a reminder of just how ahead of its time SDG&C truly was. The review is literally titled, ‚A New Way To Think About Addiction,‘ even though SDG&C was originally published over 20 years ago!

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By Thaddeus Camlin, PsyD Saying drugs cause addiction is like saying clouds cause tornadoes. Tornadoes are caused by a complex combination of factors including warm, moist air, changes in wind direction and speed, and an unstable atmosphere decreasing in temperature rapidly with height. Similarly, addiction is caused by a complex combination of factors, not drugs themselves.

alcoholism recovery blog

We’ve asked Tawny to share some of her thoughts on sobriety, read on to see what sh… Up next in our Top Recovery Blogger Series we have Jean from Unpickled Blog.

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If the cab was moving briskly, the meter went up, pushed along by the distance alcoholism recovery blog driven. That image comes to mind when I think of gratitude and resentment.

alcoholism recovery blog

However, when addiction is treated with leading methods – criminal records, jail time, and shame-based r… By Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. This week we look at how to be unpopular in the addiction treatment industry – a topic we at Practical Recovery are certainly experts in! Treat Addiction in Stages, Not Steps To be unpopular in the addiction treatment industry, the first step is to treat addiction in stages, not steps.

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By Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. There is a litany of terms in the addiction world – including addiction – that need to go. Why is it that with any other “disorder” (another effects of alcohol term that deserves the axe?) symptom reduction is considered success, but with substance use symptom reduction is described in the negative terms of reducing harm?

Your goals for the year were very likely about enhancing your long-term satisfactions. Something shiny, fun, escapist, or whatever side-tracks us, and off we go, setting aside, for now, the long-term goal.

  • Both treatment programs, and The Retreat are powerless over alcohol and addiction when the people in them want to drink.
  • Navigating difficult family members, work events, and beverage-laden holiday parties while successfully self-regulating or abstaining from alcohol can render celebratory festivities a skosh toilsome.
  • The drug testing lasted 6 months, and Laura remained sober throughout.
  • About her twenty-year relationship with alcohol, Laura McKowen says, “I wanted my life to stop exploding”.

The house, with roof and walls, protects us from the outside, and keeps our possessions together. But there are also doors, windows, window coverings, pipes, wires, vents, and so forth, which allow us to be flexible about what comes in and what goes out. In this blog we focus on protecting ourselves fr…

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Promote and pay for trauma-informed care services that support relational health and family resilience. Improve access to technology to assure continued availability of telehealth to provide mental health care to all populations. About – New Method Wellness‘ Living Sober Blog provides encouragement and understanding for anyone who has a substance abuse addiction. In my early 40s; drinking with dedication for more than two decades; mom of two; a currently/former complicated relationship with alcohol; and a deep desire to never ever have another dark, guilt-ridden, self-loathing hangover.

My name is Mary Ellin and I write about addiction and recovery. Every once in a while I create a new website with a a new twist. This blog, Sober Words, is dedicated to the many sayings we learn in sobriety. I hope these short writings will amuse or be helpful to you, whether or not you consider yourself to be in recovery. The Calm is a sober house in Chiang Mai with a dedicated, passionate & experienced team. Our vision is to excel in our care for people and to become a world leader in sober living treatment.

A collegiate recovery program can mean all the difference to a young person in recovery. Having a program like this available on campus means they do not have to choose between recovery and a higher education. It provides students with an avenue to stay committed to recovery, while focusing on school, and having a community of support in a setting where it’s stereotypically a place to overindulge in substances. We researched colleges across the country that understand Alcohol detoxification this and have dedicated university resources to supporting students in recovery. This is far from all, but is a great showing of support for the recovery community in higher education. Universities with Recovery Programs for Students Alabama University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL – The Collegiate Recovery and… By Tom Horvath, PhD., ABPP This blog is addressed to psychotherapists who do not view themselves as capable of providing addiction treatment.

Silence continues the negative pattern of shame and stigma throughout our communities. A Hangover Free Life is a completely unique space on the internet. Posts often involve pop culture references and different media. Most recently, a sober advent calendar was posted each day leading up to Christmas. It is hard to leave her blog without feeling a piece of the gratitude that she exudes on the page. She Recovers features beneficial tools such as a reading room, recovery coach profiles, retreat information, and yoga insight.

This article will explore each of the four topics referenced in the H.A.L.T. acronym with empirical and self-empowering inclusions. Hungry The Living Sober book suggests that eating or drinking something, particularly something sweet, is an effective method of dampening the desire to drink. SMART Recovery would call the technique of eating ice cream in… American Healthcare and Addiction Treatment by Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP With Alcohol the passage of “Trumpcare” in the House we have renewed our national focus on healthcare legislation. Rather than address the specifics of this bill, let’s step back and consider two often over-looked “big picture” factors. Although in the US we like to think of ourselves as “the best,” in healthcare we are best perhaps in only one way. The very best medical care in the world is available here, if you have the money to pay for it.

The site offers podcasts, blog entries, resources, and even a „question of the day“ for readers by Canadian writer Paul Silva. Paul told me that he got sober at 40 after drinking for 25 years, and has been sober for over five years. This holiday season, be mindful of your alcohol consumption if you choose to drink.