How have I changed as a person and a writer this semester?

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I have always faced some life experiences, life challenges and hard situations in my life, and I was learning from all of these situations and experiences, but most experiences and challenges that I faced were in this semester, spring 2015. I have changed as a person; for instance: I have become more self-confident person, I have become more responsibility, and I have changed as a writer.

My self-confidence has increased this semester, and there are many reasons for that. First, living abroad learns me how to talk comfortably with other people, and how to make new friends in a new place. Moreover, I have learned how I ask someone when I don’t understand or when I need an assistance. Also, traveling alone, going to a restaurant, paying a rent, buying stuff for my home and focusing in my goals have increased my self- confidence. Self-confidence is a significant characteristic that I have developed this semester, and these reasons have helped me in that.

In addition to the self-confident, my responsibilities have increased this semester, so there are many things that I’m responsible about it now. I’m responsible about an apartment. My apartment needs many stuff, so I have to buy a lot of things. Also, I’m responsible about paying the apartments rent, electricity bill, water bill and wi-fi bill. Likewise, I have many studying responsibilities; such as, preparing, writing assignment, presentations and exams. Furthermore, my health’s responsibility has increased here because I realized that my body must be healthy. I didn’t do all of these things before this semester, so my responsibilities has got more and more.


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Furthermore, I have changed as a writer in this semester, and I have learned many writing skills. I learned how I can write a great paragraphs which include topic sentence, supporting details and conclusion sentence by following the writing proces. I learned how I can write like a nice river, how I can use the signals language,and how these great paragraphs create a great essay. I know now when I have to put a comma and when I haven’t without any fragments, comma splices and run on. now, I can immediately note if I make a writing error. Moreover, my writing class this semester has developed me in following the directions, submeting the assignment in the correct time , summarizing paragraphs and writing comfortably. This semester, I changed as a writer completely, and I’m exiting to learn more and more the writing skills.

To sum, I’m so proud about all of these changed in my personality and my skills. Being more self-confident person, giving an attention for my responsibilities and developing my writing skills are amazing things that I have achieved this semester.


Wow–look how much you’ve written here! This is an essay, and it’s so organized!! I’m pround of you, too! You’ve become a man with many responsibilities, and I would agree with you–you’ve grown in your writing abilities. Keep growing and moving forward on this path of life! I’ll always be your proud big sister! ?? Julie